January President’s Message

January President’s Message

Greetings Chapter Members,

As we begin a new year, I feel very honored to have been able to serve as the chapter president. I look forward to continuing my commitment as we elevate our chapter to our new vision.  Starting off this year I would like to set our goal, to up date the chapter By Laws before our next election in September. We will continue to strive to make these chapter By Laws completed with the assignment of our New Ethics Chairperson and committee to be announced at the next meeting. More details will be available after our next Executive & General Board meeting to be held, January 13, 2014.

I would like to mention to you that our current chapter board officers will be completing their 2014 term this year in September. We will have an election of a new executive board and assignments of the board of directors selected by the new incoming chapter president. I would like to extend to all members in good standing, keep in mind that you need to be certified to serve as chapter president, an opportunity to serve your chapter by participating in the up coming elections.  Ballots will be prepared by our Election & Ethics Committee Chairpersons to be appointed this year.  We will make an announcement as soon as the positions have been appointed. They will be the chapter contact for the up coming election.

Please check out the new ACF LOGO coming out January 6, 2014, being introduced by Tom Macrina ACF National President. There will be a video addressing the change & explanation for the change.

If you’re considering a new goal for 2014, I would like to make a suggestion to consider. Whether you need to recertify or it’s your first time, ACF certification could be the acceleration boost you need for your job at work. There is much satisfaction once you have completed this step in your career as a chef, also very humbling to watch or be involved as a chef evaluator. There is a dedication and drive needed to complete this task, but once you are certified, you have achieved an accomplishment that could advance you to your next position as a chef.

If I can be of any assistance to you, please contact me at your convenience.

Thank you,

ACF Tampa Bay Culinary Association
Certification Chairman
Fundraising Chairman

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