Chef & Child Event

Chef & Child Event

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On Nov. 12 Chef Ray Benton CEC, HAAC and Vince Blancato presented what pollutants do to our aquifer to the 3rd grade students at Northwest Elementary School, Hudson FL.  Before the children “built” their edible aquifer (pictures 1) it was explained to them that water moves through our environment in a process known as the Hydrologic Cycle.  This cycle begins when the sun’s energy warm water bodies on the earth’s surface.  This leads to evaporation by which water changes from liquid to vapor.  The heat of the sun also causes plants to release water in a process called transpiration.  Then comes condensation – this vapor rise and forms clouds.  When the clouds get to heavy with these tiny water droplets then comes precipitation.  When the water falls to earth some of it flows as runoff into the Gulf, rivers and lakes while some of it is absorbed in the ground thru percolation and stored in the aquifer.  The aquifer is a spongelike underground layer of limestone and/or rocks that can hold and release water.  In picture 2 we demonstrated to the children what happens to the pollutants that we put on the ground – it goes into our aquifer.

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